• 1700W RMS Power
  • 35Hz - 1.5KHz Frequency Range
  • 4 inch Voice Coil
  • 96dB Sensitivity
  • 220*20mm X2 DUAL magnet



The XP18DM1700 by Areons is a powerful subwoofer designed for exceptional bass performance. With 1700W RMS power, a dual magnet design, and an impedance of 8Ω, it delivers deep, impactful low frequencies. Its sensitivity of 96dB ensures clear and dynamic sound. Perfect for audio enthusiasts!


Nominal Diameter 18inch
Nominal Impedance 8ohm
Minimum Impedance 5.1ohm
Nominal Power Handling 1700Watts
Continuous Power Handling 3400Watts
Sensitivity 96dB
Frequency Range 35-1.5KHz
Voice-coil Diameter 99.3mm
Voice-coil Material Copper
Voice-coil Winding Depth 32.5mm
Effective Diaphragm Diameter 390mm
Kind of layer In/out
Number of layers 2
Top Plate Thickness 15
Spider Double Silicone
Flux Density 1.15T
Magnet Diameter 220*20mm x2
Magnet Material Ferrite
Magnet Grade Y30
Magnet Gap Depth 15



Resonance Frequency Fs 35Hz
DC Resistance Rte 5.1ohm
Mechanical Factor Qms 17.34
Electrical Factor Qes 0.482
Total Factor Qts 0.469
BL Factor BL 25.30T-m
Effective Moving Mass Mms 258.91gr
Equivalent Cas Air Load Vas 154.79liter
Effective Piston Area Sd 1.225 m’2
Max. Linear Excursion Xmax 12.5mm
Half Space Efficiency Eff 1.52%
Efficiency Bandwidth Product  EBP 72.61
Compliance Value Cms 0.091


Overall Diameter 460mm
Buffer Cut-out Dia. 424mm
Bolt Circle Dia. 445mm
Bolt Hole Dia. 7.0mm
Gasket Thickness 16.5mm
Overall Depth 245mm
Magnet Diameter 220mm
Net Weight 16.6 kg


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