LA 14004

  • RMS  Power(Per Channel,8Ω): 4X800W
  • RMS  Power(Per Channel,4Ω): 4X1400W
  • Rated Power(Bridge 8Ω): 2X2800W

LA 14004

Features: -

  • - Precision Power, Signal, CLIP, PROT to monitor performance
  • - Selectable Low-frequency filters(30Hz) remove distracting infra-sound frequencies.
  • - Independent limiters per channel offer reliable protection against overload and distortion.
  • - High-current copper transformer for ultra-high transient response and absolute reliability.
  • - Ultra-reliable Onsemi and SANKEN power transistors.
  • - Independent DC and thermal protection on each channel automatically protects amplifier and speaker without shutting down the show.
  • - “Front to rear” ventilation system avoids uncomfortable feelings when operating the amps from the front panel.
  • - High strength of 1.5mm thickness amp chassis for LA14004
  • - LA14004 is with 6mm aluminum front panel
  • - High-quality electronic elements and extraordinarily robust construction ensure a long life span. 
  • - Works perfectly even at low voltage, specifically “Make for India”.

LA 14004

Rated Power (1 KHz, THD+N=0.1%)

8Ω stereo   4x800W


4Ω stereo   4x1400W


8Ω bridge   2x2800W


Frequency Response (1W 8Ω stereo)

20Hz   ̴ 20KHz(±2dB)



Input connectors

female XLR (Neutrik®)

Output connectors

Speakon (Neutrik®)

Input Impedance

Balanced            20K

Unbalanced       10K

Input Sensitivity


Slew Rate


Filter Capability

12000µf/ 80V x 8

S/N ratio (8Ω, Rated Power 8Ω)


Channel Separation (8Ω load, 1KHz and below)


Damping Factor (1KHz, 89)


Dimension (W x H x D)

483x444x89 mm

Gross Weight


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